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DVLA extends licence code lifespan to help Brits hire cars abroad

Matt Brian, @m4tt

It's not often that a government department takes on feedback and quickly makes a change to its processes, but fair play to the DVLA, it's just done exactly that. After the agency phased out paper driving licences and asked British holidaymakers to present online codes to car hire companies instead, travellers complained that the allocated three-day window was too small. It's only been a month, but the DVLA has revised its ruling and expanded the window to three weeks.

If your car hire code ran out under the old system, you'd need to find internet connection and request a new one, which isn't always easy in an unfamiliar country. Alternatively, the DVLA operates a back-up telephone request service, which has its own operating hours. With a 21-day grace period, the codes will now cover longer holidays, making it easier for Brits abroad to potentially cover their travel options before they actually need them.

[Image credit: Hakan Dahlström, Flickr]

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