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Cyanogen users are getting a new stock calendar


Cyanogen's certainly set on loading its Android version with Google app replacements. Earlier this year, it announced that it will make Boxer's Gmail-like email app the stock option for Cyanogen OS 12. Now it has revealed that the new calendar made by the same firm will also become a stock app in future versions of the platform. As Boxer is known for making Google app substitutes for those fond of them but who'd rather not tie their details to an account, its new calendar's pretty much like GCal, with events indicated by color-coded blocks. It's integrated with the company's email app, which means you'd instantly know if you're available when you receive an invite in your inbox. Boxer's calendar will come preloaded on Cyanogen OS devices to be released in the next few months, but you can download it right now from Google Play or iTunes.

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