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Razer's Android gamepad is now on Google Play for $80


If you're tired of having to pause games on your Android mobile device just to wipe finger grease off the screen, you are in luck. For $80, the Bluetooth-connected Razer Serval gamepad will ensure that you never touch that screen again (at least until playtime is over). Razer initially announced the Serval back at CES in January but it has finally hits Google Play's virtual store shelves.

The Serval is an integral part of Razer's Forge TV Micro-Console system. It (and up to three other controllers) connects to the Forge hub either via a USB or Bluetooth 3.0 link, allowing users to play Android games on properly sized screens instead of rinky dink mobile displays. The controller itself runs on a pair of AA batteries and can cradle your device onboard as a mobile gaming system or to simply use the device as a second screen. The controller's layout should seem familiar as well -- it's nearly identical to the XBox's. Take note, however, you will need to be running at least Android 4.2 in order for this all to work so be sure to double-check your OS build before pulling out your wallet.

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