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Periscope's live streaming video reaches nearly 2 million users daily


Now that Facebook is getting into streaming (soon for non-celebs too) and even Google/YouTube is taking notice, the folks at Twitter-owned Periscope are publishing some stats to let us know where the bar is for live video apps. In a blog post on Medium, the team says it has grown past 10 million registered accounts just four months after its launch. An accompanying graph shows its number of Daily Active Users has risen to nearly two million people, with a spike showing where it just about doubled in May with the launch of an app for Android. Rival app Meerkat beat it to the punch on Android, but we don't have similar stats on its growth yet. By their measure however, the important stat is "Time Watched", which Periscope reports has risen to over 40 years of video being watched every day. This includes "huge viewership" on the web, outside of its iOS/Android apps, which the daily users stat does not. in a video Q&A, Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour says that features coming soon include landscape video support and better tools for handling spam/abuse.

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