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'Final Fantasy VII' lands on iOS with built-in cheat codes


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If you can't find your old PSOne discs, don't want the PC version and don't have a PS4, there's now one more way to play Final Fantasy VII: on your iPhone. Today Square Enix launched the classic jRPG for devices running iOS 8.0 and up. At its core, this release is a simple port of the PC version of the game, but developers have made a few minor tweaks to the title palatable on the small screen.

Leveling up won't be an issue on the mobile version of the game, for instance: the iOS version has a "max stats" command that instantly raises your character's levels. Your all-powerful party won't have to deal with time-sucking random battles, either -- they can be turned off. Finally, Square Enix has decided not to give the game a customized touch-friendly menu as it has with some of its other mobile Final Fantasy ports, opting to overlay the screen with a virtual joypad instead.

Final Fantasy VII for iOS launches today, but it's on a slow rollout: at the time of this writing, it only seems to be available in New Zealand, for $19.99 NZD (which converts to about $13 in greenbacks). Check out the New Zealand product page here or hit up Square Enix's official YouTube channel to watch the trailer.

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