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Jolla's crowdsourced tablet is up for pre-order


The Jolla tablet started life with an interesting pitch: a crowdfunded slate with a novel, gesture-based OS, an Intel 64-bit quad-core CPU, a high resolution 7.85-inch screen and software features culled from the community's most popular suggestions. That was almost a year ago, and now the tablet is getting ready to ship. Didn't pitch in on the crowdfunding? Don't worry -- you can pre-order the tablet today for €267.

Okay, technically that price varies by country: the Finland-based company assumes a 24% VAT will apply on its product page, but adjusts the price for each country during checkout. For US buyers, that brings the price down to €215.32, or about $241. Should you buy it? Well, that depends on how into gestures you are. Jolla uses a revised version of Sailfish OS, which replaces common navigation buttons with specific gestures. It was kind of a messy experience on the Jolla Smartphone, but the company has cleaned up and simplified the system a lot.

Either way, backers and pre-order customers alike will have to wait a couple months before playing with the new hardware -- the tablets aren't expected to ship until late October. Interested? Check out the pre-order page for yourself right here.

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