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Amazon UK will waive delivery fees if you pick your order up

Matt Brian, @m4tt

In order to be eligible for "free" Amazon deliveries, you either need to spend £20 for Super Saver Delivery or jump aboard the £79 Prime train. From today, though, Amazon has another shipment option it'd like to run by you. The company has decided to waive delivery fees for orders sent to one of its Pickup Locations, saving you money while letting you collect your packages at a more convenient time.

The idea isn't new, but getting it for free is. Plus it's now available to all customers. If you're at work or continually miss the post, choosing to have an order delivered to Pickup Location like a rail, tube or petrol station, newsagent or Post Office would normally incur an additional delivery charge based on weight (Prime members get it free). Now, you either have to spend £10 on book or £20 on anything else from Amazon's store to be eligible for a free pickup.

Amazon says: "For many people, collecting from an Amazon Pickup Location is the delivery option of choice. Our customers were telling us that free delivery to a Pickup Location would be a great value service and we agree." Makes sense for people who can't stay home to collect their deliveries, but it also puts less pressure on its Logistics team to make door-to-door dropoffs. With over 13,000 Pickup Locations available, free deliveries might change the way some Amazon customers shop online.

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