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The BBC is making a feature film starring British YouTubers


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What's the best way for a broadcaster like the BBC to stay "down with the kids?" By hiring some incredibly popular YouTube vloggers, apparently. After recruiting a slew of internet personalities for BBC Radio 1, BBC Worldwide has commissioned a feature-length film starring Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee. The one-off special will see the pair -- who have more than 10 million subscribers and a billion video views between them -- galavanting around Europe, as they try to survive solely on the money they earn each day. Teenagers are pulling away from linear TV scheduling though, so the BBC plans to release the film as a digital download on November 23rd. In Britain, it'll also be available on DVD -- the first 8,000 fans that pre-ordered will get a wristband and their names listed in the credits.

If you're wondering just how popular the pair are, the BBC says the film was the biggest first-day pre-order on Amazon UK this year. The feature should clock in at 75 minutes, and it's being spearheaded by Top Gear director Brian Klein. With a proper camera crew in tow, it should feel pretty different to the pair's normal short-form videos on YouTube.

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