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eBay's revamped apps are big for sellers, not just buyers


eBay may like the idea of serving as a storefront, but it knows that this only works if it helps you sell your wares at the same time. That's where the company's reworked, version 4.0 mobile apps come into play -- the version 4.0 update for both Android and iOS gives auctions higher priority than they've had in the past. It gives you more help when you're a first-timer, a dashboard for frequent sellers and an overall simpler, faster interface for selling your goods. It's an acknowledgment that many eBay auction holders might prefer to run most (if not all) of their businesses from their phones. You shouldn't have to retreat to a computer just to sell your old gear, should you?

There are plenty of improvements if you're a buyer, of course. eBay has reworked both the start page and the shopping channel to help you track down purchases, and there's an activity section that tracks your browsing and visiting. You can also expect better navigation across the board. This is just the start of a larger initiative, eBay says, so don't be shocked if you see its influence spread elsewhere (such as the web) before long.

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