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Philo's streaming TV platform now covers over 40 universities


It's tough to be a college student these days, what with new sources of procrastination popping up everywhere. Philo's streaming television platform, which gives students access to live TV and DVR functionality across a variety of devices, is one of the more recent entries. Now, it's covering 15 more schools, including Harvard University, Brown University, and the University of Alabama. Altogether, Philo is bringing the joy of television to more than 40 schools. The startup works together with cable and satellite providers to bring live TV to its private network -- it's not the sort of thing just anyone can access. Along with the expansion news, Philo is also updating its Roku app to make searching for TV shows simpler. Yes, giving college kids access to TV service isn't anything new, but Philo's multi-device lets schools offer TV in a way younger folks are more used to.

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