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'Myst'-inspired game 'The Witness' hits PS4 and PC in January


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The Witness has been cloaked in a fair bit of mystery since Jonathan Blow started working on it in 2009, right after the rabid success of his first game, Braid. Now, we finally have some concrete information: The Witness will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC on January 26th, 2016. Blow and his team announced the release date in a new (4K, 60fps) trailer that shows off the game's latest graphics and a bit of puzzle-based gameplay.

The Witness takes place on a gorgeous 3D island that appears to be packed with secrets and an odd mix of technology and ruins. It's a big, dense game with 677 puzzles at last count. The Witness is visually reminiscent of The Talos Principle -- a brilliant 3D, first-person puzzle game from Croteam -- but Blow says that's where the similarities end.

"I think these two games are ultimately about very different subjects, and were made for very different reasons, and you feel the differences when you play," he told Engadget in February. "That said, it is likely that someone interested in one game may be interested in the other game."

Blow definitely hopes plenty of people are interested in The Witness -- over the past six years, he's poured all of the money he made from Braid (millions of dollars) into his second game.

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