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Microsoft VR Kit is a more colorful Cardboard for Windows Phones


If Google Cardboard is just a little too cheap looking for your tastes, you're in luck: Microsoft is making its own foldable VR headset. And it's purple. The Microsoft VR Kit, as it's called, was announced as part of Microsoft-hosted virtual reality hackathon happening in Russia next month -- developers will presumably use the headset to prototype VR content on Lumia devices.

What's that? You're not going to be in Russia next month? Then you'll have to sit tight -- Microsoft hasn't said anything about the device outside of the hackathon's event page, but there's a chance the VR Kit could show up at the company's Windows 10 event on October 6th. Will it be part of a push to get developers working on hololens content? The prototype for a Windows-based Gear VR competitor? Just a nice freebie for folks who attend? We'll be there, and we'll let you know.

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