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Playdate: We take on the Empire in 'Disney Infinity 3.0'


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It is a period of civil war. Sean and Tim, two video game streamers from the Engadget Alliance, have begun their first battle against the Galactic Empire. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, the pair enlists the help of Disney Interactive's John Vignocchi to guide them through the wastes of Tatoonie, Hoth and Endor. Together, they'll stream Disney Infinity 3.0's Rise Against The Empire Playset on, the Engadget Gaming homepage and in this post. Join them today at 6PM ET (3PM PT) and help the trio restore freedom to the galaxy...

Playdate: We Take on the Empire in 'Disney Infinity 3.0'[We're streaming Disney Infinity 3.0 at 720p through OBS, so rest assured this game will look dramatically better on your TV, through your PlayStation 4 at home.]

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