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Moog adds to its analog arsenal with the Mother-32 semi-modular synth

Billy Steele

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Moog announced that it would no longer produce the legendary Minimoog Voyager earlier this week, but that doesn't mean the company isn't slowing down. Today, the North Carolina-based synth maker revealed the Mother-32: a semi-modular analog synthesizer that's built to "inspire unique sound creation, new music and endless sonic exploration." How exactly does it go about doing that? For starters, there's a voltage-controlled sequencer and 32-point analog patch bay to create a load of unique sounds. No patching is required to get started, so musicians at any skill level can begin making music in no time.

There's also a 10-octave analog oscillator and analog white noise generator that are both wrangled by voltage-controlled mixer for further tweaking. In other words, there's a few ways to make adjustments to the audio you're futzing with. What's more, a 32-step sequencer and memory bank capable of storing 64 patterns makes creating and recalling loops a breeze. If you're really looking to get serious about a new setup, you can patch multiple Mother-32s together. In fact, there are optional racks that'll house either two or three of the units. Similar to existing Moog products, the new gear has a black laser-etched aluminum frame with wooden sides for a classic look. If all of that sounds too good to pass up, the Mother-32 is available now for $599. And while you wait for it to arrive, there's a demo video that shows that the instrument is capable of just down below.

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