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Vodafone's home broadband service opens to all


After a three-year hiatus, Vodafone returned to the home broadband game this summer, starting out with a limited service available in just a few counties. A few months later, it expanded the launch to everywhere its underground infrastructure (licenced and owned) covered, but only offered the "Connect" broadband service to existing Vodafone mobile customers. Today, the company announced it's now available to everyone, not just those it has on its books already. Assuming Vodafone Connect is available in your area, you can get up to 17 Mbps ADSL for a tenner a month, up to 38 Mbps fibre for twice that, or up to 76 Mbps fibre for £25 per month.

That's a fiver more each month than existing mobile customers have to pay for the same 18-month contracts, but everyone is on the hook for the £17 per month home phone line rental (you can get a 20 percent discount for paying a year's worth upfront). Brand new customers are entitled to a little deal sweetener should they decide to move to Vodafone, though, in the form of a free year's subscription to Netflix.

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