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The Apple Store's biggest fan, Gary Allen, passed away at age 67

Billy Steele

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You may not recognize the name Gary Allen. For a time, though, Allen traveled the world to be among the first in line when a new Apple Store opened. He wrote about Cupertino's retail efforts on his blog, ifo Apple Store, including details of the over 140 store openings that he visited. He even drove across the country to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first store (pictured above). After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Allen stopped blogging in March, but not before amassing a knowledge of Apple's retail footprint that may never be rivaled. He passed away this week at age 67, leaving behind his wife, son and two brothers. "He made all kinds of friends all over the world," his brother Jim told The Washington Post. "I think that's the part of it he most enjoyed."

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