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Israeli startup wants to modernize eMusic download site


Do you remember eMusic? It used to be a huge mp3 download site until iTunes, Spotify and other music services eclipsed its popularity. Still, it's not dead yet: in fact, it's been snapped up by Israeli startup TriPlay, which calls itself a "next-generation personal cloud company." As you can guess, TriPlay will use its cloud expertise to breathe new life into the service, mentioning in the acquisition PR that eMusic customers will now be able to access their collections online through any device, anywhere they are. According to Techcrunch, the startup acquired eMusic for under $26 million, the price another company paid for it back in 2001. It changed hands a few more times after that and eventually ditched major labels to focus on indie music. It's unclear what other changes the ancient website (it first went up in 1998) will undergo, but if you're suddenly curious about the service, you can always sign up for a free trial.

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