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BroadwayHD streaming service brings the theater to you


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There's no doubt live and on-demand streaming services are the future of entertainment. Knowing that, BroadwayHD is launching a new product with video content from over 100 theater performances. The digital service, created by two stage producers, features a vast library of previously recorded shows that are being distributed in a Netflix-esque way. You'll find stage productions like Memphis, Romeo and Juliet, Copenhagen and Jekyll and Hyde, as well as a variety of others in categories including classics, comedy, drama and musicals. BroadwayHD offers an annual access tier for $170, or $15 per month, while two-day rentals can be purchased for $8. At the moment, there's no app for the service, but its mobile site does support both AirPlay and Chromecast -- and you could always watch on your laptop or desktop, of course.

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