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Periscope's first live horror flick will scare you off the internet for good


The internet can be a scary place if you're not careful. Horror film producer Jason Blum is making sure of that. His latest film, Fifteen, doesn't just leverage social media networks for its setting, they're also the movies' broadcast platform. The film follows a serial killer who livestreams his heinous crimes in real time using the Periscope app to promote his grisly deeds. So of course the movie itself premiered live on Periscope Thursday evening, just in time for the Halloween weekend. Blumhouse pictures, the film's production company, is billing the 20-minute show as a "live horror experience".

"Periscope gives anyone the ability to share a moment as it's happening, and Blumhouse is innovating by giving their audience a new way to experience a film as an interactive, live performance, accessible to anyone in the world," Rachel Dodes, head of movie partnerships at Twitter, told Variety. The original live version will be available until around 10 pm EST Friday, per Periscope's 24-hour archive policy, though you can also watch the YouTube re-broadcast below.

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