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Epic Games' new PC shooter is called 'Paragon'


Thought the new Unreal Tournament was Epic Games' only upcoming PC shooter? Think again: today the company quietly announced Paragon -- but truth be told, we know almost nothing about the new title. Epic is giving the game a slow reveal, teasing a new playable "hero" character for the game each week until December 3rd. Unfortunately, the game's reveal doesn't explain what the what kind of game Paragon actually is.

What do we know so far? Not much: the first playable hero is called "Twinblast" and, appropriately, he has two guns. The character's reveal page seems to tease that the player will be able to choose between four roles / in-game items for each hero: fight for Glory, Pride, Fortune and Infamy -- each setting giving the character specific damage or defense buffs. Sadly, the rest of the game's announce is intentionally vague. It seems like a team-based competitive shooter, but with nothing more than a single character model to go off of, it's hard to tell. Either way, Epic Games says Paragon is due to arrive on PCs in early 2016.

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