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Comcast resets customer passwords after account info hits Dark Web


If you received a correspondence from Comcast that your password was being reset, there's a good chance your customer information was for sale on a Dark Web marketplace. A list of 590,000 accounts were made available to anyone willing to pony up some cash for email and password information. The price for 100,000 accounts was $300 while the entire list would set someone back about $1,000. The rub is that only 200,000 of the accounts were actually active. Those have already been reset by Comcast. While the information is no longer valid, this is a good reminder that you should not use the same password on multiple accounts. If a customer used the same password for their Comcast account that they use for their email account, it's extremely simple for someone to take over any services associated with that email via a password reset.

The data dump was noticed by Twitter user, @flanvel over the weekend. How the data was collected is still unknown. It could the result of a large scale phishing attack or information from earlier breaches. According to CSO, the sellers only had one sale.

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