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Tumblr gives you an easy way to make reaction GIFs on mobile


Tumblr made it easier to search for GIFs earlier this year, but if you're tired of seeing the same old stuff, you'll like this update a lot better. The social network has created a built-in GIF maker for its mobile apps that can process videos without having to fire up another app or a website. You simply have to compose a new Photo post and pick any video or photo burst (that iPhone 6s/6s Plus format that captures actions in the pictures you take) you want.

The tool then allows you to pick the portion of the video/burst you want, adjust the speed, crop or zoom it and even make it loop. Once you hit post, you're done -- the file will be saved as a GIF. You can check out some early samples made by testers and the Tumblr staff right here. The feature is launching today, but the bad news is that only iOS users can get it right now. If you have an Android device, you'll get the tool "in just a little bit," so you'll have to get by with your current GIF maker for now.

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