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This fitness tracking app pays you to walk more


Having a hard time motivating yourself to exercise? What if somebody offered to pay you work out? That's the idea behind Bitwalking -- an app, digital currency and marketplace that pays its users 1BW$ (Bitwalking dollar) for every 10,000 steps they take.

The idea behind the app is about more than simply bribing people into getting up and moving more -- its founders actually hope that it will be able to give people in developing countires another source of income. The company has set up "Bitwalking hubs" in Malawi, for instance, designed to help users learn to manage, trade and spend the digital currency they earn bitwalking.

On the surface it sounds like a noble idea, but Bitwalking payouts have to come from somewhere. According to the BBC, the company is looking for partners to help foot the bill, potentially trading walking payouts for data on Bitwalking users. Advertisers or sports brands could use this information to see how active their target market is, for instance. Even so, you'll have to wait awhile before before trying the service out -- for now, Bitwalking is invite only.

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