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The Ion Belt: 'sleek,' safe and 'stylish' portable charging


Have you ever wanted to carry an external battery for your phone, but hated the thought of creating even the smallest bulge in your pocket? No? Well, someone decided to fill that niche anyway. Ion Tech Wear is crowdfunding the Ion Belt, a 3,000mAh power pack that keeps your phone alive while it keeps your pants up. It's meant to be a "sleek" and "stylish" wearable that goes with anything, but it comes across as a phone holster-like fashion faux pas -- it's still a little too obvious that there's a gadget on your waist, and you're going to look a little dodgy plugging in that USB cable. This isn't even the first battery belt we've seen, for that matter. If you think you can pull it off, though, you can pledge $89 or more in the hopes of getting the belt in June.

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