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Comcast brings personalized TV notifications to X1 users

The cable company teamed up with IFTTT for this new feature.

Comcast isn't done improving its X1 cable box. Over the past few months, the company has added a variety of new features to the device, including the ability to record extra-long events and more. Today, Comcast is keeping that trend going by adding notifications support to X1, which will let users receive personalized alerts directly on their TV. Those can be from Evernote, Gmail, Instagram, Jawbone, LinkedIn and "many" others, according to Comcast.

But since you definitely don't want notifications to get out of control as you're watching a show, Comcast teamed up with IFTTT, the recipe-based, if-this-then-that web service. This means there's an option to control when you want your screen to be alerted, simply add the Comcast Labs Channel on IFTTT and you're all set. Or, you know, you could choose not to use the feature altogether -- those Instagram "likes" aren't going anywhere.

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