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Playdate: Breaching and clearing with 'Rainbow Six: Siege'

Join us for some multiplayer shenanigans starting at 6 PM Eastern.

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Rainbow Six: Siege hit a few bumps on the road to release, but now it's out in the wild and folks are breaching doors and clearing rooms with a righteous fury. Not us. We're going into the game pretty blind, and that's not because someone tossed a flashbang into the room. How will Sean take to the multiplayer-only tactical shooter? Considering his disdain for tutorials, probably not too well! However, you can find out for yourself starting at 6 PM ET / 3 PM Pacific as we broadcast live on Twitch. Check us out here on this very post, the Engadget Gaming homepage, or, if you want to join us in chat,
Update: For reasons unknown to us, Rainbow Six: Siege refused to play nice with our streaming setup. Instead, we went down memory lane and played Mario 64, Punch-Out, NES Remix 2 and Ducktales Remastered)

Engadget Playdate: Remembering Super Mario 64
[We're streaming Rainbow Six: Siege on PC through OBS at 720p, so rest assured your hostage rescues will look dramatically better on your home setup.]

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