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Playdate: Going to war in 'Dragon Quest Heroes'

It's like 'Dynasty Warriors' and one of the oldest jRPG franchises had a baby.

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There are lots of ways to enjoy the button-mashing guilty pleasure of a Dynasty Warriors game: the trappings of the original series in ancient China, the robot-smashing action of Gundam Reborn and even a foray into the Legend of Zelda universe. Not enough? Okay fine. Here's one more: 'Dragon Quest Heroes.' Join Sean and Tim at 6PM ET / 3PM Pacific on Twitch as a venture into a mash-up created from games neither of them have played. Check us out here on this very post, the Engadget Gaming homepage, or, if you want to join us in chat,

Playdate: Going to War in 'Dragon Quest Heroes'
[We're streaming Dragon Quest Heroes on PC through OBS at 720p, so rest assured your hostage rescues will look dramatically better on your home setup.]

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