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Top 10 Facebook Pages on Science & Technology

Amita choudhary

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Are you a tech freak who is always looking to know how the science & tech zone is creating wonders to change the world? Well, the emerging trend of social media has made it easier to share information about the advancements led by vital tech portals and Facebook plays a crucial role here. It just takes a few clicks to reach up to the latest happenings in the science field through this popular social networking channel. Esteemed science & technology institutions have come up with their own Facebook pages so that people all over can know about their efforts in improving the life around. You would be glad to know that various science & tech departments of US government always keep on updating about their latest works over Facebook and here is a brief on top 10 such pages.

  1. DARPA or Defense Advance Research Projects Agency
DARPA owes its genesis to the phenomenal Sputnik launch in 1957 and it was founded with the mission to introduce major investments in landmark technologies- for the betterment of national security. When you are a tech freak it's only natural that you would be looking forward to know about DARPA's recent developments and the DARPA's official Facebook page would be the ideal portal for you here. The page keeps on posting about the stories on cloaking technologies, advanced robotics & other such insanely brilliant ideas. It's not overstretching to observe that DARPA is kind of getting science fiction movies to real life!
  1. NGA or National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
It's true that NGA is one among the less-renowned intelligence agencies yet it's worthy of mention here that it flaunts one among the most interesting Facebook pages of the US government. In fact, they are the ones to coin the popular hashtag #geointeresting that discusses about the analysis and maps of imagery. Besides, you will always find amazingly cool technology articles on NGA's Facebook page.
  1. CIA or Central Intelligence Agency
There is no science or tech nerd who won't be interested in CIA's works and their Facebook page is a wealth of information on the great camaraderie between espionage & gizmos. The CIA page features numerous exciting posts about espionage history and the intelligent gizmos that were designed to assist the great spies over time. It looks like as if you are reliving a smashing Bond movie over Facebook! It's definitely worth a browse for anybody.
  1. NSA or National Security Agency
It may sound ironical but the agency that was once nicknamed as the "No Such Agency" given its intense secrecy regarding its operations- now flaunts quite a pronounced presence over the social media. A look at their Facebook page will keep you updated on technology articles and tips. Every week the page posts a fun & interesting Crypto Challenge that pull in followers through mindboggling cryptography quizzes.
  1. NASA
Clearly the organization needs no introduction and NASAs works are the source of news not just for the tech freaks but for people from all across the globe. Now, you can know easily about the latest happenings inside the NASA space thanks to its bustling Facebook page. NASA are very active on Facebook and keep on updating about their current life-changing moves & expeditions over their official Facebook page.
  1. Information Dominance Corps Self Synchronization
The page here is the official Facebook account of Information Dominance Corps of the US Navy. You will simply fall in love with the page given its enriched and versatile range of amazing articles on technology, science & contemporary cyber security affairs.
  1. U.S. Army Research & Engineering Command
Their Facebook page features a brilliant showcase of technology transfer from battlefield to general public. There are discussions on how technology is a great aide for soldiers fighting on the front as well as articles on the contemporary commercialization of technology transfer.
  1. Air Force Office of Scientific Research
The Facebook account here would excite you with various interesting aspects going on in the modern Air Force sector. For example, the US Air Force department is doing a huge work in the sector of laser research & the page brings on great deal of information about it- along with awesome images.
  1. Office of Naval Research
It's needless to remind that the ocean bodies are a big bed of amazing secrets which are yet to be fully explored by us. The Naval Research Office is aimed to uncover the treasure hidden in oceans and its Facebook page offers a great deal of interesting information on their research work on different exploration technologies & autonomous ships.
  1. National Science Foundation
National Science Foundation does the great work of funding research studies across the whole sector of science & technology in States. The official Facebook page of the organization is no less than a paradise for tech freaks as here you would get to know almost everything about the greatest & latest in the scientific advances happening around.

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