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'Take This' livestream starts today with video game stars, swag

Donate for a chance to win an autographed 'Fallout 4' Xbox One and other goodies.

Take This is a non-profit that educates and supports those with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, with a focus on the video game community. Starting today at 12PM ET, Take This hits Twitch for a two-day livestream starring BioShock creator Ken Levine, popular gaming critic Jim Sterling, Tom Clancy's son and game developer Thom Clancy, and other famous figures of the industry. Donate during the stream for a chance to win sweet gaming swag, including a signed Octodad poster, an IGN gift pack, a remote-controlled replica of Claptrap from Borderlands or a custom Fallout 4 Xbox One.

The livestream benefits the Take This Scholarship Fund, which helps pay for mental health care for those who can't afford it.

Video game fans may have heard of Take This while walking the halls of North American PAX conventions -- the organization runs the AFK Room, a quiet space open to any attendee who needs a break from the crowds or a safe place to talk about mental health problems. On top of the AFK Room, Take This regularly provides resources aimed at reducing the stigma of mental illness.

Watch the Take This livestream on Twitch and check out the donation page, complete with all of the swag up for grabs, right here.

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