Sleep Number's new bed will train you to sleep better

The "It" Bed is equipped with sensors to quantify your sleep so you have a better night's rest.

We've already heard of Sleep Number's smart SleepIQ beds, but now the company is taking the whole intelligent mattress thing to the next level. At CES 2016, it's introducing something called the "It" bed which promises to quantify your sleep, connect to other health and fitness apps, offer suggestions on how to have a better night's sleep and also, of course, adjust its firmness level for your comfort.

Like the other Sleep Number beds, the "It" bed will come equipped with Sleep IQ biometric sensors that measures your heart rate, your breathing, your movement and so forth to come up with suggestions on how well you're sleeping. But on top of that, it'll also have "ActiveComfort" technology, which basically means that it has foam-filled chambers that'll adjust to each side of the bed to your ideal Sleep Number setting. This setting is essentially informed by the SleepIQ that the "It" bed has learned from your sleep patterns, to ensure that you have the best sleep possible.

Aside from that, there's also a Sleep IQ API that you can connect to your other health tracking apps to further customize any sleep recommendations (like if you should go to bed earlier or not eat dinner after a certain hour). It also takes into account your schedule (if you have an 8 a.m. meeting, it'll tell you to go to bed at a certain time to ensure eight hours of sleep), for example). The enhanced Sleep IQ API will be available as an update to all SleepIQ beds in 2016.

And, of course, since it's a smart bed, the "It" bed is one mattress that you can upgrade over time thanks to software updates. It'll be available some time in 2016 for around $1,000 and you can get it in six different sizes.