Volvo is making a media streaming system for autonomous cars

If you're not driving, you may as well be watching TV

We've all thought the exact same thing: when self-driving cars hit the mainstream, I'll be able to catch up on Game of Thrones during my commute. In reality, however, lawmakers are preparing to make sure your full attention is on the road even when you're not driving. Still, it's a good dream -- and Volvo and Ericsson are working on a streaming platform designed specifically for autonomous vehicles.

At first blush, an autonomous vehicle streaming solution sounds as simple as adding wireless connectivity to a self-driving car, but Volvo says it's a little more complicated. Yes, the company plans to build its streaming network on Ericsson's communication technology, but simply connecting a car doesn't make a great experience. What does? An integrated platform that adjusts the car's travel time and route-to-destination to what you want to watch.

It sounds complicated, but the idea is simple: Volvo wants to create a streaming system that will tailor your arrival time to the length of the content you're streaming -- ensuring that you get to work just as the credits start to roll. The system can also check network conditions ahead of your route and adjust streaming quality to ensure your show is uninterrupted.

For now, it's still a dream -- current laws respecting autonomous vehicles require drivers to pay attention to the road. If that ever changes, though, Volvo is ready to make your commute part of your down-time.