Can a high-tech car seat offer a safer ride for your baby?

4moms thinks so, and it aims to prove it with a 'self-installing' car seat

Properly installing a car seat is a struggle all parents with young children face. At CES this year, a company called 4moms is showing off its solution to the problem: a self-installing car seat that employs robotics. Once you attach the base's anchors to the hooks in your vehicle, the car seat automatically levels itself and properly tensions those belts to secure it. There's also an app that offers voice-guided step-by-step installation instructions, should the need arise.

Once the cradle that holds the baby is placed on the base, there is verbal and visual confirmation that it's secured correctly and continuous monitoring kicks in and the status is viewable in the app. If anything becomes loose, the system not only notifies you, but it gives you the steps to take in order remedy the issue. Every time the cradle is placed in the base, the seat does a diagnostic check to make sure everything is still the way it should be.

The 4moms app also allows you to input your car's make and model for a recommendation on the best place to install a car seat. It tracks your baby's growth and lets you know when you should adjust the harness to maintain a proper fit, too. If you're looking to take one for spin, you'll be able to do just that this summer, if you're willing to part with $500. You may have noticed that 4moms only has a seat for babies, but not an option for toddlers. Here's to hoping they tackle the next size up soon.