A closer look at Nikon's beastly D5 DSLR camera

Bonus: beauty shots of the D500 and KeyMission 360.

As promised, we managed to take a closer look at the D5, Nikon's new flagship DSLR camera. Although the company didn't let us take any pictures with it (not yet anyway), we were able to pick it up and witness firsthand what it's like to hold it. Spoiler alert: this thing is a beast. It's definitely a heavy device, weighing in at roughly 3 lbs, and you'll know right away it does justice to its $6,500 price tag -- there are few shooters out there that will feel more premium than this one does.

Nikon also had the DX-powered D500 and KeyMission 360 cameras on display, however the latter was being showcased inside a glass cube. As such, you'll have to satisfy your craving for sample images at a later point, whenever Nikon decides it's ready to let us test out these products. For now, take a gander and enjoy pictures of each below.