Chevy unveils its pure-electric Bolt

A Tesla for the rest of us.

Chevy's Bolt is finally here. The pure EV was unveiled at the company's event at CES and it's got a ton of technology that you can get in the near future unlike a few concept cars that were unveiled earlier in the week. It's the everyperson's electric car that Tesla is working on and Chevy is delivering.

From the seats, to the interior, to the drivetrain, Chevy says the Bolt is built upon its own architecture instead of being shoved onto another car frame. And while there are features that carry over from the plug-in hybrid Volt, the new EV is its own beast that might just be the car that jumpstarts the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. That really comes down to two things: a range of over 200 miles and a price that's around $30,000 (after $7,500 tax credits).

It's not just the engine that's impressive. The infotainment system's 10.2 inch touchscreen is large and within easy reach. Plus it's customizable with individual drivers able to create their own set up. Each person's setup automatically popups up in the dash when that person's synced smartphone is within Bluetooth range.


That link is one of three available with the car. The companion app syncs via Bluetooth, LTE, and a BLE connection with a up to 100 yards of range so as you get near the car, it can get ready for you.

I got a quick demo of the new compact before it's unveiling today. The Bolt I drove was about 80-percent production ready, but it drove like a finished car hitting corners a bit tighter than the usual compact thanks to the batteries that reside under the seats that account for a quarter of the car's stiffness.

The regen-on-demand paddle that slows the vehicle without the brakes to help replenish the battery from the Volt has been enhanced for the Bolt and will now bring the car to a complete stop. If you're not a fan of using a paddle to stop your car but still want to get as much regen as possible, there's a low gear that brings the car to the stop when you let off the gas for one foot driving.

While charging, it can hit 80-percent within an hour.

The car will also get a gamification feature so you can compete with your friends. Leaderboards with things like, miles per charge will be available to show just how green you really are.

The 2017 Bolt EV will be in production this year. No word on when you'll actually be able to buy one though.