Nextbit's cloud-savvy smartphone ships on February 16th

The Robin will arrive a bit later than planned for some customers, but it's otherwise on track.

Good news if you've been sitting on pins and needles waiting for Nextbit's Robin smartphone to ship: it's nearly ready for action. The company has revealed that the early adopter wave of GSM-based Robins will ship starting on February 16th, with other GSM models heading out before the month is over. That's a few weeks later than the first customers were promised, but it still gives you an idea of when you can try the Robin's cloud-focused take on Android.

As for the Sprint and Verizon models? Unfortunately, you'll have to keep waiting. NextBit says it's "still working on a date" for CDMA versions, which suggests that you probably won't see them in the originally mentioned February time frame. That's unfortunate, but the relatively small delays so far suggest that you won't have to hold out too long to get a Robin on one of these two US carriers.