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'Psychonauts 2' is really, actually, totally happening

Developer Double Fine says thanks for the $3.3 million.

You made Psychonauts 2 happen. The $3.3 million Fig campaign's been fully funded and now perhaps the hardest work for developer Double Fine Productions is ahead of it: finishing the game. In the video below, studio founder Tim Schafer says that the campaign will run through next Tuesday, though. "Every [additional] dollar we make goes into making the game better, giving us more time to polish and making the game great," he says. "We don't just want to make Psychonauts 2, we want to make an amazing Psychonauts 2."

When we spoke with Schafer at the campaign's outset, he said that crowdfunding is a trust relationship with your backers. "They are trusting us to make a good game for them, which means making hard decisions along the way to make that vision a reality." That vision is scheduled to become a reality when the game ships in the fall of 2018. In case you need a refresher on the trials and tribulations of making the first game, be sure to check out the initial episode of a revelatory two-part documentary right here.