Razer's 'Stargazer' webcam is built for streaming

Plus it does 3D scanning.

Razer announced a new feature-laden webcam geared specifically for gamers and streamers, rather than business conference calls, on Monday. Dubbed the Stargazer, this webcam is built on Intel's RealSense SR300 imaging sensors and offers 720p resolution at 60fps which matches the frame rate of modern video games. It can also handle 1080p at 30 fps if you do want to use it for conventional video conferences. What's more, the camera boasts an automatic noise cancelling dual array mic so your PewDiePie impressions aren't drowned out by ambient sounds.

What's more, the Stargazer also offers a dynamic background removal feature which automatically cuts the background from your video without the need for a physical green screen. That feature works with a bunch of broadcasting services including OBS, XSplit and Razer Cortex: Gamecaster.

Even cooler, the camera can track up to 78 points on your face and 22 points on each hand, allowing the user to launch applications with a wave of their hand or unlock their computer just by looking at it (assuming you're running Windows 10, which is the only OS this camera currently works with). Plus, the camera can capture 3D scans of anything it sees and export those images to your 3D printer. The Stargazer will retail for $200 when it hits the store shelves in Q2 of 2016.