360Fly's new camera captures 4K video

Plus, it offers telemetry data.

360Fly unveiled at CES this week a new 360 degree camera that captures 2880 x 2880 4K video -- quadruple the resolution of its predecessor -- at 30FPS while generating immersive, VR-capable content. What's more, the new unit boasts a host of fresh capture modes and now tracks telemetry data as well. These capture modes include 2560 x 1440 resolution forward facing, time lapse; and motion-, acceleration- and audio-triggered recording. Additionally, the 4K 360Fly incorporates a GPS sensor, barometer/altimeter and accelerometer. It can even output 360 degree video in real time with the addition of an optional Micro-HDMI accessory base.

I took a look at the new camera on the CES showfloor and really liked what I saw. Even though the unit only employs a single sensor (the 360 degree final product is stitched together with digital wizardry), the resulting video appeared seamless on both a smartphone and a Gear VR headset. Plus, 360Fly has partnered with Bell to create a line of "smart" helmets, which you can see both above and in the gallery below, that sink the camera directly into the crown of the head protection. This should help prevent the wind buffeting riders experience with blocky GoPro units strapped to their helmets. The helmets and camera should be ready by this fall, though there's no word yet on pricing for either.