Intel's RealSense camera made me the star of 'Fallout 4'

3D-scanned and digitized, my Charisma points have never been higher.

Over the holidays, I've really been putting the hours into Fallout 4. So when Intel and Uraniom said that it'd be demonstrating its RealSense 3D camera to embed people into that vault suit, I knew what I had to do. Uraniom's tech includes machine learning, geometry processing and 3D game engineering to ensure anyone that plants themselves into games (including GTA, FIFA and Skyrim) gets suitably freaked the heck out by the fluid, not-too-out-of-place results. After getting scanned by a HP tablet with RealSense cameras, the data was transferred to a work PC, where one of Uraniom's guys added trackers around my eyes and and mouth. (My fluffy Tintin hair isn't usually well-suited to 3D scanning, but the results this time are still uncanny.) Less than a minute later, I was looking slender and radiation-free in my vault suit and soon I was equipped with a jetpack powersuit and flying around a devastated Boston.

A video posted by MT (@thtmtsmth) on Jan 7, 2016 at 10:54am PST

As the company points out, you'll need hardware with either the structure Sensor, or tablets with Intel RealSense R200 technology. (Update: or maybe you could preorder a phone...) In short, it's not a minor investment for the awesomeness of getting yourself inside your favorite game. But it'll certainly make you smile if you do.