8K Attack: LG's and Samsung's super high-res TVs are here

When Ultra HD goes to 11.

Photos by Will Lipman

We're barely emotionally adjusted to the existence of 4K, but already tech companies are looking to the next big thing. Sharp put its $130,000 8K TV on sale last year while this week both LG and Samsung showed off "real" 98-inch Super Hi-Vision screens. LG said its 8K television would go on sale in the second half of this year, but it didn't specify a price. Samsung doesn't have a release date or price for its TV either, but the bigger question of what you can even connect to these behemoths also has no answer. The last time I saw an 8K broadcast, it needed an Internet2 connection and a decoder the size of a doghouse just to work, so it's probably still a few years away from being feasible. Still, if these hit the market, maybe they can take a hint from Dish's Hopper 3 and watch four 4K videos at once.

[Photos by Will Lipman]