Fossil's Q54 Pilot is a very handsome activity tracker

The vintage-inspired analog watch has a fitness tracker inside.

Fossil has long made a name for itself for affordable fashion watches, but it's recently ventured into the smartwatch territory with its Q line of wearables. At CES, it showed off a new model called the Q54 Pilot, which essentially adds a new watch design to the line. Essentially an activity tracker tucked inside an analog watch, the Pilot is a slightly more casual version of the Q Grant. While the Grant was dressier with its Roman numerals and shine finish, the Q54 Pilot has regular Arabic digits instead. According to designer Ryan White, this design choice along with new case backing makes it a little more suited for everyday wear.

Seeing it in person, it's certainly an eye-catching watchpiece. It has fantastic detail and styling, though the watch is undoubtedly masculine. There's both a light and a dark version, and you can opt for a link bracelet strap or one with natural leather. If this sort of watch appeals to you, you can actually get one later this Spring for anywhere from $175 to $215, depending on the kind of strap you want.

Daniel Cooper contributed to this report