FBI broadens investigation into Clinton emails

Now the FBI wants to know if she violated any public corruption laws.

A few months ago, presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed over her email servers to the FBI. Since then, the federal agency found out that at least a couple of her own personal correspondence could have been classified as "top secret," which isn't the sort of thing that should've been sent with an unsecured private account. Now it seems Clinton could be in hot water again. According to Fox News, the FBI is now looking into her emails to see if Clinton had violated public corruption laws.

In particular, the federal agency is investigating if there's any "intersection" between State Department business and her work with the Clinton Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian organization founded by her husband and former president Bill Clinton. This investigation follows some concern that the two positions overlapped during her tenure as Secretary of State, creating a conflict of interest.

[Image credit: Getty Images]