Get ready for Android app promo codes

Google finally has a way for developers to toss around codes for reviews or giveaways.

Have you ever seen an Android developer give out promo codes before? Most likely not, because Google has only just added the feature. A poster on Android Forums has spotted a page on Google's Developer Console with instructions on how devs can create codes and how they can get their apps ready to use them. Based on the details written on that page, the codes can be used to purchase apps and pay for in-app goodies, but not for in-app subscriptions.

Update: Google has officially announced the program, check out all the details here.

Also, developers can only generate 500 codes per quarter that can't carry over to the next, and they can set an expiration date. We'll bet developers will use a chunk of their codes to give out to reviewers like what iOS app creators have been doing for a while now. Still, with an allowance for 2,000 codes per year, we'd keep an eye out for giveaways, if we were you.

[Image credit: Jan Persiel/Flickr]