Barclaycard brings NFC payments to its Android app

Another way to pay with your phone.

Android Pay still isn't available in the UK, so Barclays has decided to fill the void with it own NFC-enabled contactless payments. The new functionality is part of the Barclaycard app, specifically for credit card customers with a supported Android handset. Once everything is set up, you'll be able to make purchases up to £30 "with just a touch" and, in some stores, buy goods up to £100 by jamming in your PIN code too.

Barclays has long championed its own mobile payments technology. The company's bPay platform, which can be linked to most major credit or debit cards, is now available in wristbands, key fobs, stickers and even a Lyle & Scott jacket. Furthermore, the bank is one of the few in the UK that still doesn't support Apple Pay -- an omission that continues to frustrate iPhone and Apple Watch owners. Barclays says support will arrive "very early in the New Year," although a firm release date remains elusive.