Hyatt admits 250 hotels were hit by card-skimming malware

Most affected credit cards were used to pay at Hyatt restos.

Hyatt has confirmed that the malware it spotted in its systems last year was capable of collecting credit card names, numbers, expiration dates and verification codes. In its latest post about the issue, the hotel chain said it spotted signs of unauthorized access to its customers' card data. Most of the cards affected were used to pay at restaurants within Hyatt hotels from August 13th to December 8th, 2015, though some locations had been affected since July 30th.

The hotel chain has listed all the infected locations worldwide on its website, and people who recently stayed at a Hyatt may want to check it out. See, even if most of the cards affected were used at restaurants, a smaller number were used to pay at the hotel chain's front desks, spas and gift shops. The company says it has already taken "steps to strengthen the security of [its] systems" in order to prevent this from happening again. If you stayed at one of the compromised locations during the timespan mentioned above, make sure to monitor your credit card transactions and quickly report any suspicious activity.

[Image credit: Michelle Bennett via Getty Images]