Game Boy Macro mod breathes new life into your Nintendo DS

Your old handheld is suddenly new again.

Your Nintendo DS is no longer the hottest handheld on the block, but that doesn't mean it has to sit in the closet gathering dust. Modder Anthony Thomas recently started up Game Boy Macro, a service that turns the DS into a giant Game Boy Advance player -- as the name suggests, it's basically a Game Boy Micro writ large. You lose the second screen (and thus native DS games), but the result is arguably much cooler. You can even specify custom case colors if you're eager to recreate the look of your old Game & Watch.

Be prepared to wait a while if you want one. Thomas has lately been focused on shipping the first wave of orders, and isn't currently taking any more -- you have to sign up for a waiting list to get a heads-up on future production runs. Also, it won't be cheap when it costs $130 to have Thomas supply everything himself, or $110 if you have a DS for him to use. Custom colors are $10 each. With that said, it could be a small price to pay if you want to take a trip down memory lane while turning some heads.