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Nielsen adds Facebook to its social television ratings

The social network joins Twitter in measuring the popularity of TV shows.

Image: Fox via Getty Images

Since 2013, Nielsen leverages Twitter chatter to gauge how popular a television show is on the web. Starting in a few months, those social ratings will include Facebook. Neilsen's new Social Content Ratings will replace its Twitter TV Ratings to track live activity on sporting events, awards shows and original series.

Info from your Facebook activity, like stuff you share publicly or with followers and friends, will be included in the ratings during the first half of 2016. Nielsen won't get the specifics on the content or people you're chatting with, though, as Facebook will offer aggregate data instead of the posts themselves. As you might expect, Instagram's photo-based commentary is expected to be added in the future as well. Bring on the Jon Snow memes.

[Image credit: Fox via Getty Images]