Donald Rumsfeld helped make an iPhone game

And it's based on a card game Winston Churchill played.

Like him or hate him, Donald Rumsfeld has been a jack of all trades -- and apparently, that now includes mobile games. The veteran politician has teamed up with programmers to release Churchill Solitaire, an iOS game based on the card game that Winston Churchill supposedly played to sharpen his strategic thought processes. Rumsfeld was strictly a creative director (he's not exactly a coder by trade), but his influence is everywhere. Reflections on Churchill's life appear while you're playing, and even the pricing mirrors Rumsfeld's values -- while the base game is free, hints and retries cost money ("there are damn few undos in life," he says).

The title isn't going to make you rethink your views on Rumsfeld, but it might be worth a go if you're not averse to efforts with his name attached. It's not only considerably tougher than regular solitaire, but requires the kind of long-term thinking that's not always present in card games. A careless decision early on can ruin your chances of winning much later. Our only major question right now: where's the Android version?

[Image credit: David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images]