Floating Bonsai trees are better than floating speakers

If Bonsai weren't fascinating enough already, now you can get one that floats.

Floating things on magnets makes most things cooler. Bonsai trees are certainly no exception. Kickstarter project "Air Bonsai" combines together magnetic levitation, wee plants and traditional Japanese "monozukuri" (craftsmanship). Using the same magnetic floating trick we've seen in speakers, everything that the tree -- or plant of your choosing -- needs is contained within the floating ball. The team has already passed its goal of $80,000 but you can still add to the money pot, with $200 enough to land you a basic starter kit.

Because of the import issues of sending plants between countries, US-based backers will be receiving locally-sourced, tiny pine trees, but there's nothing to stop you floating different tiny plants for your own bizarre anime dream. Depending on your aesthetic tastes, you can upgrade the "little star" floating orb, with a particularly attractive lava-stone pot at the top of our shopping list. There's four designs for the "energy base" that maintains the magnetic field: all of which look classier than the chintzy speakers we've seen at tech trade shows. And if you're feeling classy to the extent of $10,000 ,then you can get an exclusive handmade cushion, base and Bonsai "star", as well as a tour of both a Bonsai garden and the workshop behind the project.