Neil deGrasse-Tyson blesses a flat-earth rap diss

The astrophysicist's nephew raps 'Flat-to-Fact' as a response to flat-earth believer B.o.B.

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Neil deGrasse-Tyson blesses a flat-earth rap diss

If you've ever gone deep enough down a Wikipedia or YouTube hole, you know something that many people don't: there are a number of people in the world who believe the Earth is flat. Recently rapper B.o.B. (Airplanes Pt. II, Nothin' on You) tweeted his theories in support of this -- and also that there is a massive cloning conspiracy going on. His tweets drew enough attention to garner a response from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, leading to an inevitable pro-flat-earth diss track from B.o.B. Of course, that merited a response in kind, with Neil's nephew (rapping under the name Tyson) dropping 'Flat-to-Fact' this afternoon.

It's reusing the naming and beat from Drake's diss towards Meek Mill, although I don't think the quality of the bars is high enough to inspire any videogame spinoffs. You can listen to both tracks here, and while the battle was kind of over before it started (since the Earth isn't flat, which you can prove with a basic application of math and/or physics), it's no surprise that SoundCloud thinks its the real winner.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Richard Drew]
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